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Name of Tariff:

Price for International MPLS IP-VPN Service

Description of Tariff:

See Annex A

Effective Date of Tariff:

1 September 2013

Revision History:

Annex A

Pursuant to its Unified Carrier License, China Telecom Global Limited hereby published the tariffs and terms and conditions under which it will provide the International MPLS IP-VPN Service.

Tariff Table

International MPLS IP-VPN Service

Port Speed HK End Monthly Charge (USD) China End Monthly Charge (USD)
128K $1,500 $1,800
256K $1,800 $2,000
512K $2,500 $2,800
1024K $2,800 $3,800
2M $3,500 $4,800
4M $4,800 $6,800
10M $8,500 $14,500
45M $20,500 $49,800
100M $34,500 $101,500
155M $35,500 $157,800


1. The tariff is subject to minimum one year contract term.

2. The above offer is for on-net capacity only. Local loop is not included.

3. The tariff is tax exclusive in all countries.

4. The tariff is for reference only. Actual price is subject to feasibility study and capacity availability at the time of order.

5. The currency of the tariff is USD.

6. The General Terms and Conditions for China Telecom Global Limited shall apply to the services.

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