About the China Telecom (Myanmar) Limited

The China Telecom (Myanmar) Limited was set up in Yangon in June 2016. It has applied for NFS-i License and been ready for the IGW permission. After the awarding of both NFS-i License and IGW permission, CTMM will set up its Yangon POP & the Cross-border system at Myanmar-China Border to leverage China Telecom Global resources to meet fast arising requirements of Myanmar over Global IP & International Connections. Furthermore, CTMM will act as one of Myanmar’s regional Hub to inter-connect between China, Thailand, Bangladesh, and even further to the rest of the world via SMW5 marine cable in the near future.

To meet requirements of both operators and corporate clients in Myanmar, CTMM focus mainly on International Private Leased Circuits (LPLCs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Internet access and IP Transits, ICT Systems Integration, value-added services, and IT outsourcing services, especially one-stop solutions for the interconnection of international networks in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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