Cloud Solution

Cloud Insight

Based on industry benchmark and open source framework, CloudInsight evaluation solution can provide customized service evaluation, optimization consulting and value-added services through scientific and comprehensive evaluation of cloud service and resource pool computing, storage and network performance parameters.

Worldwide Cloud Sites Coverage

10+ cloud sites covered across APAC, EMEA and AMER are ready for use, you can easily obtain high quality cloud resources and security management in a fast and efficient manner with your business growth globally.

• Function

Public cloud infrastructure evaluation services

  • Evaluation of computing functions

  • Storage function evaluation

  • Network function evaluation

  • Operating system evaluation

  • Database application evaluation

  • Cloud service providers on the standard service report

  • Cloud service performance evaluation portal

SLA management and optimization services

  • Distributed monitoring network

  • Virtual machine monitoring services

  • Storage monitoring services

  • Network monitoring services

  • Business reachability monitoring

  • Client service access performance warning management

• Features

01  Data visualization

Record and analyze the performance of the data throughout the life cycle of the business flow to provide multi-dimensional performance monitoring data visual display for the operation and maintenance personnel to quickly locate the performance bottleneck provides a strong basis

02  Performance bottleneck accurate positioning

Performance bottlenecks can not only locate the specific link to the business flow, but also in-depth depth tracking code stack, which greatly facilitates the key code for developers to investigate and precise positioning

03  lightweight overhead

CloudInsight using a lightweight active monitoring program to ensure complete and reliable monitoring data at the same time not to bring too much overhead for the system.

04  Transparent monitoring, simple deployment

CloudInsight also implements application-level transparent monitoring. The monitored application requires only minimal changes to the start-up mode. The application itself is zero-aware and zero-coupled to the CloudInsight, thus greatly simplifying the installation and deployment.

05  Distributed

distributed monitoring node network, internal to meet the multi-data center, multi-resource pool monitoring, external cloud services to meet the distributed monitoring.

06  Stereoscopic

Stereo full stack monitoring, covering data center resource pools, physical and virtual servers, containers, middleware, cloud services

07  Multidimensional

Multidimensional granularity of analysis, including basic performance, fault alerts, business response and throughput, as well as large data optimization and prediction on this basis.

• Views

Cloud products are mainly applicable to what customers?

Cloud Consulting  Customers provide third-party, continuous public cloud measurement data that customers use to conduct market research

Industry cloud customers  for business customers cloud business needs, given the exclusive evaluation model for private cloud construction of pre-selection, construction of the latter part of the assessment and optimization recommendations

Government and enterprise customers  Help government and enterprise customers digital transformation, providing cloud migration before the test evaluation, cloud migration in design consulting, migration monitoring optimization "one-stop service"

• Cases

Generalized Performance Model of Weighted Public Cloud Based on Z Standardization

I want to know more about the dimensions?

Servie providers dimension:ksyun、qcloud、Baidu open

cloud, GDS、Capitalonline

Product Dimension:Load Balancing、Cloud Security、CDN

I would like to know the public or private cloud running on the overall performance of the entire business how?

SPECvirt simulates common load under virtualization and data center server consolidation scenarios to evaluate overall

I would like to know where the performance bottleneck in theend, or even specific to the code level?

APM perspective applications and databases, tracking user business processes, to help youcreate the ultimate user

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