China Telecom India Private Limited

To accomplish the strategic objective of developing China Telecom Global Limited into a comprehensive information service provider with leading edges in the Asia-Pacific region, China Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. was officially established in New Delhi, India in October 2012 as a wholly-own subsidiary of China Telecom Global Limited, and its 12th branch in the Asia-Pacific region. China Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. has established two data service nodes in Mumbai and Delhi, India, and is now preparing for the establishment of a third service node in Bangalore with a view to carrying out its core businesses, including smart park buildings, smart office buildings, and IPLC, VPN, IDC leasing, cloud computing and IT outsourcing services. It mainly provides smart park and building solutions and implementation services for Chinese-funded businesses in India, and at the same time, helps meet enterprises’ demands for data interconnection between China and India, and offers Indian-funded businesses package solutions to international network expansion, especially international network interconnection in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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