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Customer Charter

To ensure that we provide our customers with the highest standard of communication services, we have crafted this charter aiming to give customers a better understanding of the standard of service and commitment they can expect from us. The customer charter is measured and benchmarked against the industry’s best practices. It demonstrates our commitment to serving you better.

Close Contact

To gain higher customer satisfaction, we have put in place a number of communication channels backed by a team of customer service professionals to enable customers to access our services and receive prompt assistance. These communication channels encompass:

• 24-hours hotline supported by a team of dedicated, well-trained and multi-language customer service operators

• The continuously operating network support services provide the customer link with 7 x 24 hours performance monitoring and management, real-time fault detection, alarm and troubleshooting, etc.

Key Performance Indicators

A. Complaint Handling Time (for reference only)

Service category Standard
Acknowledge receipt of complaint 1 working day
Handling of complaint 3 working days
The complaint handling lead –time does not apply to the following cases:
- Unable to contact customer
- Customers fails to provide sufficient data
- Settlement could not be made without customer’s decision

B. Inquiry Call Answering Time (for reference only)

Service category Standard
Inquiry Call Answering Time 20seconds (90%)

C. Service Restoration Time (for reference only)

Service Type MTTR Standard remarks
VPN Within 6 hours (90%) remarks
IEPL /IPLC Within 4 hours (90%) remarks

D. Service Provisioning Time (for reference only)

Service Type Standard remarks
VPN 25 working days (90%) remarks
IEPL /IPLC 25working days (90%) remarks


1. Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) is defined as the average time taken from receiving customer fault report by CTG staff to restoring service to customers. It only applies to China Telecom’s local on-net resource circuit fault in HK, excluding circuit faults which are non-repairable by China Telecom.

2. The provision time for data services varies and is subject to the product specifications, the complexity of deployment methods and commitment of individual overseas partners. Other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of CTG, including but not limited to the following circumstances, may also affect the service provision:

• inability or delay in accessing installation sites and other relevant sites (such as private premise )

• cable damage due to road excavation, etc.;

• failure of interconnection services with other operators;

• any network outage or service unavailability due to failure of another operator;

• Third party providers’ service capability

• concurrent multi-fault events.

3. 25 working days is standard figure when on-net resources are available for service provision in HKSAR and Mainland China. But service provision in HKSAR and Mainland China can be varied and affected by the circumstances as stated in remark 2 above.

4. Exclude the service faults which are caused by submarine cable faults

5. The above figures are for reference only. For the actual service restoration time and service provisioning time, please refer to the related product SLA.

Continuous Service Improvement

We strive to improve service quality and will continuously enable customers to be informed of the latest developments and service improvements through website. Meanwhile, customers are welcome to e-mail their opinions to All information will be analyzed on a regular basis to enhance our service quality.

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