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China Telecom Global awarded 2013 Global Support Services of the Year (Telecommunications)

14 June 2013, Hong Kong - Mr Ou Yan, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Products and Marketing of China Telecom Global Limited (CTG), attended the Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards Dinner Ceremony organized by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) to receive the 2012 Global Support Services Award for Global Telecom Provider of the Year on behalf of CTG.

In his award acceptance speech, Mr. Ou remarked that as one of the world’s leading integrated information service providers, CTG took pride in upholding its service principle of “Customer First, Service Foremost”. The company is committed to offering the best integrated communication solutions to satisfy its customers’ global communication needs. This mission is driven by the entire team’s dedication to excel in customer services that fulfill and exceed customer expectations. Mr. Ou emphasized that the award is a valuable recognition of CTG’s unwavering efforts in delivering customer relationship excellence and a great encouragement for the company to strive for quality improvements that fully satisfy customer requirements. Mr. Ou added that the APCSC provides an excellent platform for businesses across different industries to share best practices and exchange customer service ideas. CTG’s participation in the CRE Award demonstrates its strong commitment to continuously enhance its customers’ experiences.

Over the past six months, backed by the utmost levels of support, guidance and advice from the company’s top management, CTG’s customer service team went through a stringent series of assessments, including self-assessments, benchmarking, business case presentations, mystery calls, public web-voting, and site visit assessments by the APCSC judging panel of customer relationship excellence experts, to eventually win this prestigious accolade.

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