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China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”) is one of the largest state-owned telecommunication companies in China, with a total registered capital of RMB220.4 billion. At present, the size of China Telecom’s total assets exceeds RMB 700 billion, with annual revenue of more than RMB 380 billion. Ranking 132nd in the 2016 Fortune Global 500, China Telecom was awarded the Most Honored Company, the Best Managed Company in the Asia Telecom Sector, as well as the Best Managed Company in Asia by esteemed international institutions for consecutive years.

With the world’s largest broadband Internet network and a leading-edge mobile network, China Telecom is capable of providing cross-region, fully-integrated information services to global customers through its sound customer service channel system. Its comprehensive service capability has earned China Telecom a large customer base. By the end of 2016, the number of its broadband Internet subscribers exceeded 144 million, mobile subscribers exceeded 215 million, and fixed-line subscribers exceeded 132 million.

To drive corporate transformation, China Telecom has rolled out Transformation 3.0 strategy with a focus of upgrading intelligent network, service ecosystem and smart operation for the digital ecosystem. China Telecom will strive to become a leading comprehensive intelligent information service provider, with the aim of becoming a powerhouse in the Internet and cyber realms in order to serve the society and enhance people’s wellbeing.

China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”), one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services, keeps pace with the times and it has a long-standing commitment to the development of our global operations and capabilities. In November 2000, China Telecom took the first step to realize that commitment by establishing a representative office in America. Over the next decade and more, China Telecom’s international footprint grew rapidly with the establishment of China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Limited, China Telecom Americas Corporation, China Telecom (Europe) and China Telecom (Africa and Middle East)Limited. China Telecom set up subsidiaries in 27 countries and regions, as well as 63 overseas POPs, and owns more than 9T capacities in international connectivity bandwidth and intercontinental capacity. China Telecom also has resources on 33 submarine cables, while participating in the construction of more than 10. With the direct connection with terrestrial cables to more than 10 neighboring countries and regions, China Telecom has primarily forged its global layout of service network and network capacity.

Driven by our determination to serve the ever growing demands from integrated operation of international telecommunication business, and to enhance our global serving quality as well as to accelerate the overseas business expansion, in 2012, China Telecom resolved to integrate our international business resources and human resources to found China Telecom Global Limited (“CTG”) which is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Leveraging on its abundant resources in Mainland China, CTG bridges the Asia Pacific region and connects the world. It has gradually become a world-class integrated provider of communications services including network deployment, service support and product supply. Targeting international carriers, multinational corporation clients and overseas Chinese, CTG provides customized and economical integrated communication solutions and diversified telecom services to cater for their global business needs. Its services include internet direct access, internet transit, broadband, unified communications, cloud computing, ICT, fixed and mobile voice and value added services, professional services and industry solutions, operation consultancy, outsourcing, etc.

China Telecom Named "Overall Best Managed Company in Asia" Five Years in a Row

China Telecom Corporation Limited was voted again by portfolio managers and analysts from around the world, five years in a row, as " Overall Best Managed Company in Asia" in FinanceAsia's 15th annual poll, which identifies Asia's leading companies and executives. In addition to winning the grand award of "Overall Best Managed Company in Asia", China Telecom also swept 7 other top awards. The full list is as follows:

  • Overall Best Managed Company in Asia
  • No. 1 Best CEO in China
  • No. 1 Best CFO in China
  • No. 1 Best Managed Public Companies in China
  • No. 1 Best Corporate Governance in China
  • No. 1 Best Investor Relations in China
  • No. 1 Most Committed to Paying Good Dividend in China
  • No. 1 Best Technology, Media & Telecom Company in Asia
China Telecom Ranked 144th in "The Forbes Global 2000" for the Year 2015

China Telecom ranked 144th in "The Forbes Global 2000" for the Year 2015, which was based on a composite ranking from four metrics: sales, profits, assets and market value.

China Telecom is Honoured by "Corporate Governance Asia"

China Telecom Corporation Limited was honoured with the following corporate governance grand awards in "Asian Excellence Recogniti on Awards 2015" organised by "Corporate Governance Asia", a leading regional journal on corporate governance:

  • "Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)"
  • "Best CEO"
  • "Best CFO"
  • "Best Investor Relations"
  • "Asian Excellence Recognition Awards" are designed to recognise excellence in financial performance, investor relations and communic ations, business ethics, CSR and environmental practices. The accolades are based both on the scores from the data that was submitted by readers and from interviews conducted with investors.
China Telecom Triumphs Again Grand Prix for Best Overall Investor Relatio...

China Telecom was voted, for the second year in a row, the coveted Grand Prix for Best Overall Investor Relations for Large-cap Companies at IR Magazine Awards - Greater China 2013 by investors. In addition, based on IR Magazine’s annual surveys of investors and analysts for its awards in the US, Canada, Europe, Greater China, South East Asia and Brazil, China Telecom was ranked No. 5 in The Global Top 50 and was the only Asian company among the top 10 companies. China Telecom further attained five awards at IR Magazine Awards - Greater China 2013:

  • Investor Relations by a mainland Chinese company
  • Best Investor Relations in Technologies & Telecoms sector
  • Best Investor Relations Officer - mainland China
  • Best corporate literature
  • Best investment community meetings
China Telecom Being Voted "Best Managed Company in Asia" for Five Consecu...

China Telecom Corporation Limited was voted by leading equity analysts "No.1 Best Managed Company in Asia", across all industries at the "Best Managed and Governed Companies - Asia Poll 2014" by Euromoney, a leading international financial magazine. In the individual categories, China Telecom was also ranked as "No.1 Most Convincing and Coherent Strategy in Asia", "No.1 Best Corporate Governance in Asia", "No.1 Most Accessible Senior Management in Asia", "No.1 Most Transparent Accounts in Asia", "No.1 Most useful and informative website in Asia", "No.1 Best Managed Company in Telecommunications Sector" and "No.1 Best Managed Company in Hong Kong". Euromoney's "Best Managed and Governed Companies - Asia poll 2014" is one of the most reputable polls in Asia. This is the 15th year of the event and is highly recognized by capital market participants. This year the Poll is based on a survey of 93 leading equity analysts at the largest investment banks and research institutes in Asia Pacific region who were asked to name which companies were the most impressive across a number of factors including management accessibility, accounting transparency and corporate governance procedures amongst others. Honoured with these highly regarded awards, it demonstrates that investment managers, analysts and capital market participants affirm China Telecom's excellent management performance and corporate governance with high recognition for the leading standard of its execution capability and transparency in Asia.

China Telecom's Annual Report Won Major International Awards

China Telecom Corporation Limited's 2012 Annual Report won gold awards in the 2013 International ARC Awards and Vision Awards Annual Report Competition by The League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP). "International ARC Awards" is the world's largest and independent international competition honoring excellence in annual reports and corporate communications. "International ARC Awards" is branded as the "Academy Awards of Annual Reports" according to the financial media. Judging is based on the values of creativity, clarity, effectiveness, and excellence of the annual reports. It was the 27th annual competition. The League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) 13th Vision Awards is one of the world's most influential annual report competition. All entries were judged by experienced media professionals, based on the overall impression, cover design, chairman's statement, report narrative, report financials, creativity, message clarity and information accessibility of the annual reports.